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Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions are a beautiful way to make a big impact on your look with minimal daily effort.

Pearl on King uses Misencil® for all eyelash extension treatments. This Canadian company boasts the world’s most renowned adhesive and the safest method on the market.  All Misencil® eyelash extensions are made of hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. No oils or chemical products are used in the manufacturing process.

Soft, lightweight, and water-resistant, extensions offer infinite possibilities. Whether you are looking for a natural, sophisticated or glamourous look, Pearl on King and Misencil® will have you looking and feeling your best.

Preparing For Your Appointment

Make sure the area around your eyelashes is clean and free of makeup. That’s it!

Caring For Your Eyelash Extensions

Make sure the area around your lashes stays clean and dry for two hours following your appointment. Avoid exercising, showering or using a sauna.

For best long-term results, avoid pulling or rubbing your lashes. Do not use oily products near your lashes. Although it’s ok to apply makeup, most find it’s not needed with lash extensions.

Daily care is important. We carry a range of Misencil® products designed to keep your lashes healthy and strong. Ask us about our Makeup Remover, Revitalizer and other great products.

Come in for a fill every three weeks to make sure your lashes always look full!

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Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic lash extensions bring a whole new dimension to your look. This method is versatile, meaning that you get to choose the colour, length and thickness of your lashes. Bring depth and impact to your look with natural, beautiful eyelash extensions!


Full Set
Half Set
Fill - 14 days
Fill - 21 days
Fill - 28 days
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Russian Volume (4D)

Originating in Russia in 2010, the Russian Volume Eyelash Extension treatment provides an amplified fullness to your lashes. This method is preferred by those looking to fill gaps between natural lashes that can’t be filled by classic extensions. Russian Volume adds depth to your look by creating a darker lining around your eyelid. Best of all, this treatment uses less glue than other forms of eyelash extensions!


Full Set
Full Set - Hybrid (Russian & Classic)
Fill - 14 days
Fill - 21 days
Fill - 28 days
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Looking for a simple way to add impact to your look? Tinting is quick and easy and produces long-lasting results! Tinting defines and accentuates your natural hair with a semi-permanent colour. Tints last up to 6 weeks. This treatment is perfect for those in need of a low maintenance routine.


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